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Next Sale:  TBD (October 2-5, 2014)
Location:  TBD 
(Miami, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, FL)
Stay tuned for exact
date and location.
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1.  All items must be clean and without stains.

2.  Wash all clothing, bedding, cloth toys.

3.  Wipe down all toys.

4.  Remove dirt from shoes, etc.

5.  Inspect all items for stains, rips, tears, damage.

6.  Make sure all parts of items are included.
7.  Include batteries in all toys that require them. 

8.  Manuals/instructions are always helpful.


Clothing must be hung on wire or plastic hangers - no exceptions.  Adult size wire hangers can be used even on infant clothing - they will fit fine.  You can get these from your dry cleaner or purchase them at the 99 Cent Store or Walmart.  You will not get the hangers back.

  • Pants/shorts/skirts need to be safety pinned to the top half of the hanger.
  • For Outfits, hang shirts first, then turn the hanger over and safety pin the bottoms to the top half of the hanger.
  • Shirts alone only need pins if it falls off the hanger easily. 
  • The minimum price on clothing is $1.00.  You can combine items together on one hanger if needed
  • The hanger needs to face left so it looks like a question mark (?)
  • All clothing should be sorted by size and gender.  This makes it easier for you to place them on the racks on drop-off day.  It may be easier to use a rubber band to group the hangers of the same size and gender.  For example, group all girls' size 12-18 months and all boys' size 12-18 months separately.



  • All shoes must be cleaned top and bottom.
  • Shoes showing too much wear and tear will be rejected. 
  • Shoes notoriously lose their tags and become separated from their mates at the sale.  We suggest attaching them together with zip ties, loop ties or at minimum a safety pin.  Knotting their shoelaces together is also helpful but zip ties are the best!
  • You may also place shoes in plastic bags with the tag taped on the OUTSIDE.


  • Toys that require batteries must have working batteries (Batteries sold in dollar store for $1.00).
  • If the toys have loose parts, secure these extra parts in a plastic bag and securely tape them to the main toy.  Shoppers are rough – they will separate toys, try them out, etc.  If parts aren’t secured well enough, they will get lost and separated and make it difficult for your toys to sell.


  • Children’s books and parenting books are accepted.
  • Groups of Books should be placed in a Ziploc or tied together with string. 
  • We will separate them by board books, paper pages and parenting books.


  • All linens must be hung if possible (big crib sets in large plastic zippered storage bags are fine).
  • Secure the items to the hangers with safety pins or tagging gun so that they don’t slide off or fall to the side.

Baby/Kid Equipment (e.g. strollers, bouncers, exersaucers, etc.)

  • Instruction manuals are always helpful - include them when you can.  Download them from the internet if you've lost them.
  • Ensure everything is clean – trays, pads, bars, etc. – spit up and gunk get caught everywhere!

Products with Multiple Pieces (E.g. Puzzles, Legos etc.)

  • Place all pieces in one Ziploc bag.
  • Securely tape over the top of the plastic bag so that no one can open and remove any items from the plastic bag.

Come out and have fun
Shopping, Earning, and Saving with us!


Next Sale - October 2-5, 2014

Location: TBD (Miami, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, FL)
Stay tuned for exact date and location.